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General conditions


General conditions of the online shop define conditions of purchasing and selling the products by the company CST Ltd., Koštialova 32, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenija (hereinafter referred as »CST« or »the seller«) in the Climb1 online shop (hereinafter referred as »online shop«), the rights of the customer and business relationship between the seller and the customer.

They are prepared in accordance to the national regulations and international codex for online shop. Website and online shop Climb1 is managed by the CST Ltd. Company. The customer is an individual or legal entity, using the online shop.

The customer has the possibility to register the online shop system by receiving the user name, identical to his e-mail address, and password. By registering in the online shop system at the next visit filling the customer´s data is not needed anymore. Registration is not obligatory. The purchase can be done without registration.

With the purchase confirmation the customer accepts the published general business conditions and the present terms of use.


Mode of payment

Only advanced payment is possible. The customer after purchase confirmation receives informative proforma invoice on his e-mail address. The informative proforma contains only the value of confirmed items, which have been added to his shopping cart. The customer receives a notice, that within 24 working hours from the moment of confirmation of his purchase, official proforma invoice will be sent to his e-mail address with added shipping costs.

After complete payment the purchased items will be sent and the e-invoice will be sent via e-mail.


Prices, costs and shipping

All prices are in EUR, displayed with and without tax, except if otherwise stated. The price is valid at the moment of purchase and does not have predetermined validity. Price is valid in case of above described mode of payment under above described conditions. Despite our extreme effort to provide accurate prices, it can happen, that the price of the product is not correct. The customer will receive the correct price on official proforma invoice. The contract between the customer and the seller is concluded at the moment of payment. From that moment on all the prices and conditions are fixed and are valid for both parties.

The nature of Climb1 products affects the dimensions of the parcel, described in informative transport costs. The seller will individually check the transport costs within 24 hours and check, if maybe a collie packaging is needed.

The costs of transport will be added on the official proforma invoice.

Informative costs of the parcel shipping are part of these general conditions and are only informative and do not necessarily mean fixed end shipping price.

Informative costs of the collie transport are not shown in these general conditions as a result of different sizes, weight and locations. These costs will be individually checked for each order with the purpose to provide the best price for the customer.

The customer can reject the transport costs and can organize the transport by himself or to make personal takeover of his order. The seller will provide the data about the dimensions and weight of his order.


Time of delivery

Climb1 online shop accepts orders 24 hours a day.

The preparation of dispatching process starts at the moment of payment and receivement of payment on the seller´s bank account. All the delivery times described below are considered as the time from receivement of payment to the moment of dispatching to the shipping/transport company. If the products are on stock, the order will be packed and dispached within 3 working days. The delivery time depends on the shipping/transport company conditions.

The seller keeps on stock the products, which are partly manufactured and their production needs to be finished based on the requirements of the customer. The expected time for dispatch in this case is 5-7 days. If the order needs to be fully or partly manufactured, the expected dispatch time is 14-21 days.

All the dispatch/delivery times are informative. The seller will try to dispatch your order as fast as possible, but due to the event of force majeure sometimes can happen, that these times are unexpectedly extended. The seller will in this case inform the customer and try to find optimal solution to the mutual satisfaction.


Purchase procedure

By filling the data the user defines, if purchase is placed by legal entity or by an individual. The legal entity from the contries, which are members of EU, will be asked to fill in the official company VAT number. The seller will check the validity of the company VAT number in the system and send the proforma invoice without VAT.


The procedure of the purchase:


At the product mark the chosen colour and number of items and add them to cart.

Up right in the shopping cart the number of items and total amount is visible. If you want to remove the item from the cart or reduce the chosen number of items, drag the mouse on the shopping cart icon and remove the items, change number of items or go to cart.

Finish your shopping by clicking the shopping cart and the »checkout« button.

You can use your discount code by filling the »discount code« field in your shopping cart. Your discount will be included in the final price.


Your purchase is almost finished! We just need a few additional informations.


  1. If you are already registered, we have all the data to proceed with the proforma invoice. If you want the delivery to different address, please mark it in »ship to different address«. Please, choose the mode of shipping. Finish your order by clicking »PLACE ORDER« button.
  2. You can make your purchase without registration.

Fill in your contact data, address of shipping and mode of transport. Click »create account« button. Passsword is not needed. Finish your order by clicking »place order«.

Online shop will not remember your data withour previous registration. You will have to fill in the data once more when ordering next time.

  1. Placing an order with the use of registration procedure.

Fill in your contact data, address of shipping and mode of transport and create password. Finish your order by clicking »PLACE ORDER« button.


After your order confirmation we will send you the informative proforma invoice of your chosen items without costs of transport. Within 24 hours during our working time the official proforma invoice with the transport costs added will be sent to your e-mail address and inform you about further procedure and your order status.


By clicking the »place order« button you accept the published general business conditions and the present terms of use.

The contract between the seller and the customer is concluded in the moment of your order confirmation.

After payment the seller will send in invoice to the customer via e-mail, on his request also a hardcopy, attached to his order.


Cancellations and Returns

If the customers wants to cancel his order after the payment has been made, he bears all the costs arising from this decision. 30% of his order value will be deducted in case that for his order individual manufacturing is needed and the production has already started. If the customers cancels his order a week or less than one week before the extected dispatch time, the seller can keep 50% of the order value.

After receiving the order the customer can inform the seller within 14 days via e-mail or regular mail without explanation of reasons for this decision, that he is cancelling his order, or send the order back without prior notice to the customer´s address CST d.o.o., Koštialova 32, 8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia or CST d.o.o., PE Ljubljana Črnuče, Brnčičeva 9, 1231 Ljubljana Črnuče, Slovenia. In this case he has to bear all the costs of shipping as well as the costs by the conditions, described above. The seller has to return the payment within 30 days the latest on customer´s bank account, with consideration of above described conditions. The change of items is possible.

The items have to be returned in original packaging or similar appropriate packaging, undamaged, the products must not have visible signs of use. Please, send the data about your bank account, where the return of payment has to be made.

We advise you to use the shipping agent, where tracking of parcels is possible. The costs of shipping are beared by the customer. We do not accept ransom shipments.



Reclamation is possible within 8 days from the time of receiving the products, reclamation is possible also for clerical error, if the product is under warranty, reclamation is possible also under conditions arinisg from warranty. In all cases the copy of invoice has to be attached and written report about the matter of reclamation, and allow to the seller to check all the circumstances. The replacement, repair of a product or refund is possible. The seller has the right to charge rental for the time of use, but maximum for the the reduction of the market value of the product.  The customer can bring the product back personally or prior to arrangement with CST Ltd. company. Without prior arragement returning of the product is not possible. We do not accept ransom shipments.


Returning of the damaged parcels or collies

In case that the parcel or collie is visibly damaged, a content is missing or signs of opening are visible, a customer has to inform the seller about that so that the seller can start the reclamation at the shipping agent, which organized the shipping. Please, take some photos of the shipment without making any changes, removing and opening and fill in the reclamation form, which will be sent to you after your notice about damaged shipment. The takeover of the damaged shipment is organized with prior to arrangement between the customer, seller and the shipping agent. Together with the shipping agent we will take care, that the reclamation is solved as soon as possible.



The products have warranty if accompanied with a warranty certificate or a warranty is marked on an invoice. The warranty is valid only if considering the warranty terms and conditions together with an invoice. The warranty information is described as well on the product description on the website. If there is no warranty information, the product has no warranty or the information is currently not known. Please, contact the seller, who will provide the necessary information.

The warranty can be executed directly at the seller or at his distributor. The seller has to repair or replace the product within 45 days after the receivement of the product with equal or another adequate product. These conditions are valid also if warranty is executed at the distributor, while the deadlinenes are reasonably extended.


Privacy, personal information protection and communication

All the information that the user submits via forms on the Climb1 web pages, online shop or otherwise (by phone, e-mail, fax, etc.) shall be confidential and CST Ltd. shall treat such information in accordance with applicable law of the Republic of Slovenia. CST Ltd. shall protect personal information and prevent its misuse. Personal information shall be used only for purposes for which the user has given his/her consent.

The user shall be also liable for the protection of personal information by safeguarding his/her username and password.


Responsibility for the accuracy of information

The seller keeps trying to provide accurate information about the products on his website and online shop, however errors and mistakes are always possible. The seller will inform the customer about such changes and offer the solution to the mutual satisfaction. The photographies of the products are symbolic and do not guarantee the characteristics of the product.


Complaints and disputes

The customer can contact the seller or his distributor via e-mail for any complaints, comments or similar. The answer about the receivement of the e-mail will be given within 5 working days with information about further procedure. The goal is to find a solution to the mutual satisfaction.


Customer support

Please, contact us on e-mail and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.